Language editing for your manuscript

Our service includes:

  • Language editing by two highly qualified medical editors with experience in your field
  • Direct communication with your primary editor
  • Guaranteed quality and an editing certificate
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After our service, the language of your work will be completely polished and ready for submission to a publisher, journal, or committee.


Highly qualified editors

academic editors

Our office employs some of the best editors in the business. Each of our editors:

  • Has proofread more than 1,000 manuscripts
  • Is a native English speaker
  • Has a masters, MD, or Ph.D from an American or British university
  • Has published research of their own


communications researcher
Editing quality is very important to me. I regularly submit to high-impact journals, and the language of my manuscripts must be perfect. MJE provides me with quality and fast editing that helps me get published.
— Jorge Soberon, University Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
MJE demonstrates both a high level of editing skill and knowledge of my field of study. They make sure that my writing is clear, concise, and that it maintains an intelligent and professional tone. Their genuine concern for the quality of work - both theirs and mine - makes them an exceptional service.
— Dr. G. Peter Gliebus, Director, Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Neurology Center at Capital Health System
medical researcher

Our editing in detail

Our editing clarifies and improves your writing without changing your meaning. We make small, sentence-level edits to sharpen the language and fix errors. We also improve the clarity of your arguments to maximize impact and increase your chances of publication.

Our editing service includes:

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction
  • Natural syntax and flow for smooth, easy reading
  • Concise phrasing
  • Consistency in formatting, acronyms, and other areas
  • Personal contact with your assigned editor to address any questions or clarifications
  • Suggestions or tips by your editor for ways to eliminate redundancy or improve clarity (if relevant)
  • Journal targeting
  • Upon request, a form stating that the paper has been carefully edited by a native English speaker
  • For reference services, please call or contact us



Finished product

Your edited paper will be highly readable and error-free. The arguments and information in the text will be clearly stated and easy to understand. We also maintain your tone and writing voice. Overall, the language of your work will be completely polished and ready for submission to a publisher, journal, or committee.


We stand by our work. If a reviewer mentions English language issues, we will edit the paper again for free. We pledge to work with you until you are completely satisfied.

We also pledge to:

  • Make no claims on the paper's authorship
  • Take the utmost care in ensuring that your paper is kept secure and private
  • Leave no other marks on the paper (other than the edits and comments themselves) indicating that it has undergone editing

We do not:

  • Guarantee that a paper will be published
  • Change your intended meaning
  • Reorder or rearrange paragraphs or major elements
  • Adjust or rearrange images

Questions? speak directly with an editor:

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(9 am - 7 pm CST, 7 days a week)

You can also use our contact form. We usually respond in a few hours.
Or head over to our FAQs if you would like to learn more.