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Medical Journal Editors (MJE) provides English editing services for your manuscript, thesis, dissertation, journal article, or grant. Our editing service fixes grammar, spelling, and all other English language issues. We also improve the clarity of your arguments to maximize impact and increase your chances of publication.

high-quality English editing by our team of
experienced professionals

Each paper is assigned to two highly qualified masters, MD, or Ph.D editors who have familiarity with the manuscript's field of study. These editors work as a team to help you communicate your findings clearly and accurately.

professional, Experienced editors

experienced medical editing service providers

Our office employs some of the most highly qualified editors in the business. Each of our editors:

  • Has proofread more than 1,000 manuscripts
  • Is a native English speaker
  • Has a masters, MD, or Ph.D from an American or British university
  • Has published research of their own

competitive pricing, quick turnaround

3-day editing

English editing by two experts in your field.

Word count (excluding references) Price
1,501 - 3,500 $170.00
3,501 - 6,000 $230.00
6,001 - 8,000 $270.00

Expedited 24-hour editing

Same as 3-day editing but in 24 hours.

Word count (excluding references) Price
1,501 - 3,500 $210.00
3,501 - 6,000 $270.00
6,001 - 8,000 $320.00

Fast, easy, and reliable


editing service upload

Upload your manuscript for editing. Choose a completion deadline of 24 or 72 hours.


medical editing duration

Wait for us to edit your work. Your editor will contact you when editing has begun.


medical editing service download

Download your edited manuscript. Look over our edits. Send to publisher or journal.


researcher testimonial
Editing quality is very important to me. I regularly submit to high-impact journals, and the language of my manuscripts must be perfect. MJE provides me with quality and fast editing that helps me get published.
— Jorge Soberon, University Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
MJE demonstrates both a high level of editing skill and knowledge of my field of study. They make sure that my writing is clear, concise, and that it maintains an intelligent and professional tone. Their genuine concern for the quality of work - both theirs and mine - makes them an exceptional service.
— Dr. G. Peter Gliebus, Director, Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Neurology Center at Capital Health System
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