How extensive is your editing? How much do you change?

Overall, our goal is to revise as much as is needed to perfect the language of the paper but not to alter the content, structure, style, or writer’s voice. Most of our changes are small fixes related to grammar, formatting, or word choice. However, some changes are slightly larger. Below are a couple of examples of larger changes that we might perform:

1. We occasionally revise or rearrange lengthy or wordy sentences to make them more readable and to improve flow. For example, we might change:

“These factors according to Hugh et al. [2] were related to overall mortality.”
“Hugh et al. [2] stated that these factors were related to overall mortality.”

Notice how the latter form is more direct and easier to read but has the same meaning.

2. When appropriate, we replace words to clarify sentences or eliminate possible confusion. For example, if a paper found that an intervention reduced overall mortality in elderly patients, we might change:

“This intervention affected overall mortality in elderly patients.”
“This intervention reduced overall mortality in elderly patients.”

What types of comments do you make on the text?

We leave comments in the manuscript whenever we see something that requires clarification or attention from the author. Comments sometimes ask the author to clarify a sentence or confirm an edit. We may also leave comments with suggestions, such as a recommendation to remove a sentence to reduce redundancy, a suggestion for improving a title or subtitle, or a recommended spelling for a gene, protein, acronym, etc.

Do you change my terminology?

We rarely change terminology. However, if your editor knows of a more widely accepted term (or spelling) than the one used in your manuscript, the editor may suggest it. Of course, we always defer to the author regarding the final decision on terminology.

If I request an editing sample, how long will it take to get it back?

We usually return editing samples in less than 24 hours.

What if my manuscript is accepted with revisions and I want you to take a look at my revisions? Do I have to pay to get the entire manuscript edited again?

Any further proofreading for a manuscript after the first round of edits is billed by the hour at $40/hour, and we can usually provide these further edits in 1-3 hours. Your assigned editor will be happy to work with you to provide any further edits and handle all charges.

Are your editors native speakers?

Yes. All of our editors are native speakers, have a masters, MD, or Ph.D from an American or British university, and have published research of their own. Our editors have each worked on more than 1,000 manuscripts and are seasoned professionals.

Can I request a certificate stating that my manuscript has been edited by a native English speaker?

Yes. This option is available at checkout.

What if my manuscript is rejected for language errors after you edit it?

To our knowledge, this has yet to occur. However, if your manuscript is rejected specifically due to language errors, we will edit it again for free. We pledge to work with you until you are completely satisfied.

Is my manuscript kept secure?

Yes. All of our manuscripts are stored in a highly secure system that utilizes encryption during both transit and rest so that the only people who see your manuscript are (1) you and (2) your editor. Long term, we store only client names, email addresses, and manuscript titles. Our editors sign a confidentiality agreement that legally prohibits their sharing of any manuscript details. Learn more about privacy and security.


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