Perfect language for your manuscript

Medical Journal Editors (MJE) provides English editing for your journal article, thesis, dissertation, grant, or other medical document. Our editing fixes grammar, spelling, and all other English language issues. We also improve the clarity of your arguments to maximize impact and increase your chances of publication.


3-day editing

English editing by two experts in your field.

Word count (excluding references) Price
1,501 - 3,500 $190.00
3,501 - 6,000 $240.00
6,001 - 8,000 $290.00

Expedited 24-hour editing

Same as 3-day editing but in 24 hours.

Word count (excluding references) Price
1,501 - 3,500 $230.00
3,501 - 6,000 $290.00
6,001 - 8,000 $340.00

Fast and simple


editing service upload

Upload your manuscript for editing. Choose a completion deadline of 24 or 72 hours.


medical editing duration

Wait for us to edit your work. Your editor will contact you when editing has begun.


medical editing service download

Download your edited manuscript. Look over our edits. Send to publisher or journal.

Medical Journal Editors (MJE)

Our editors combine language expertise with knowledge of your field of study. Check our areas of expertise.

Our approach


Highly qualified editors

academic editors

Our office employs some of the best editors in the business. Each of our editors:

  • Has proofread more than 1,000 manuscripts
  • Is a native English speaker
  • Has a masters, MD, or Ph.D from an American or British university
  • Has published research of their own

Thorough editing and quality guarantee

service guarantee

Our editing service includes:

  • Complete grammar, spelling, and punctuation proofreading
  • Natural syntax and flow for smooth, easy reading
  • Precise and concise phrasing
  • Overall, English language that is ready for publication in an academic journal or other publisher

Prompt, responsive service

customer support

Have a question or need something fixed? Just call or email your editor. Think of us less as hired help and more as partners in the process of publication. We also provide:

  • 24-hour rush editing service for tight deadlines
  • A by-the-hour rate for things you forgot or further requests
  • Flexibility and the ability to provide formatting, reference work, styles, journal targeting, or other service requests


Communication is key. Our service matches each paper to specialist editors who also serve as the author's personal contact for any questions that they may have in preparing their paper for publication. This contact enables us to provide an extremely tailored and personalized editing service. While other paper editing services separate the customer from the editor, we encourage communication. Customers may also ask for small re-edits and clarifications at no extra charge. With us, you're not buying a one-time service. You're hiring a partner.


Though our customers are assigned personal editors, papers do best when they receive attention from more than one set of eyes. Each submitted paper first enters the hands of a Subject Manager, who reads the paper and assigns it to the editing team that is best suited for the paper's field of study. One of these experienced editors serves as the customer's personal contact. Within this team, the first editor carefully edits the paper for grammar, sentence fluency, phrasing, and other areas. A second editor then reviewers the work of his/her peer and makes further improvements. After these improvements have been implemented, the primary editor re-checks his/her work and then personally returns the paper to the customer. This collaboration of professionals enables us to provide an extremely balanced editing service that brings a variety of professional perspectives together to improve each paper. 

Communicating your findings doesn't happen overnight, and refining a paper is a process in itself. This process is our specialty. Let us turn your draft into a polished paper.

Questions? Want a free editing sample?

Please feel free to read our FAQs or use our contact form with any questions about our editing service or if you would like a free editing sample of your abstract or first paragraphs. You can also speak directly with an editor at:

phone number

(9 am - 7 pm CST, 7 days a week)